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Demystifying Cycling Science


How does Caffeine effect my power threshold, cycling performance, and overall well-being?

Learn both Interesting facts and the areas of concern.

Oval Chainring 1.JPG

Oval Chainring

An Oval Chain Ring!

Smooth Ride...

No dead strokes...

Or pure fiction....

Learn what the cycling world has to say about chainrings and what my road test implies.


Tire Pressure

Simple and easy optimization of your ride. The formula, my experimental data and a quick reference guide.

"It's where the rubber meets the road" 


Suffer Mindset 

When racing and on high intensity training days, mindset/philosophy has been proven to positively influence results.

This is why "suffer" terminology is regularly used in cycling. 

Heavy Weights

Weight Training

A simple way to boost your FTP - weight training in your base season.

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