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Our Mission is simply

"Students on bikes

enjoying nature"

We are student athletes sharing our passion for mountain biking in our local Santa Cruz Mountains. This is a student operated volunteer organization with guidance from parents and coaches. 

Josh Mordaunt,  Founder
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All organized group activities are on-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Highly recommended mountain biking trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains are:

Green and Blue rated trails (more XC) :

John Nicholas, Mt Umunhum, Wilder Ranch, Calero, Flow, DeLaveaga, Ft Ord, Fremont Older, Saratoga Gap and Long Ridge trails

Blue and Black rated trails (more Enduro):

UC/Nine, Pipeline, Ft Ord Tr22, Tr27, Braille and Saw Pit trails ​

Non-Profit/Non-Cash Organization

To keep it simple, the organization is a 100% volunteer, no cash is involved in our organization. We communicate, organize local bike rides and activities, there is no need for club fees or contributions - just show up and ride with us.


To create the opportunity for students to build strong bodies, minds and character through mountain biking and participating in our community.

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